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Living in Confidence No Matter What (FREE)

I want to help you face your fears, process your emotions and find confidence, not just about your marriage, but about your job, health, or the economy. This course was created during the height of the Covid-pandemic, but its principles still apply to all of life's uncertainties. 

6 Modules

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1. Circumstances vs. Drama

There are circumstances in the world and there are your thoughts about them. 

One of these causes us pain and one does not.

Without thoughts, there is no fear.

Circumstances never change God's identity or your identity. In that way, circumstances are neutral.  They do not define our lives. 

2. Your Brain on COVID-19

Did you know that we can handle life without toilet paper, the stock market, jobs, or even wifi?  We know this because other humans lived this way. 

Our thoughts can make us feel crazy. But they don't have to.  You want to know what you are thinking, so your thoughts don't get the best of you. 

3. Processing Emotion

Use this time to learn how your brain produces emotion. Nothing in this world is causing our emotions, rather our thoughts stir up our feelings.  And yet, all our feelings are harmless when we are willing to experience them without indulging or resisting them.  

4. Showing the Way

We can't control the world, but we control how we show up.  During this time of uncertainty, be clear about who you want to be. 

5.Confidence & Uncertainty

We are in this together and God is on the throne.  When all other ground is sinking, we have a solid rock on which to stand. Its all going to be okay. 

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