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Welcome to The Happiest Lives

This is my place created for YOU. You can make it your space too.

  • Do you want to improve your relationship and life, but not sure where to start?
  • Are you looking for a means to create change that won't consume your precious time?
  • Are you unsure how to get unstuck or make things better?

The Happiest Lives offers practical tools and techniques to improve not only your marriage mindset but your confidence, mental and emotional health.

The formula for success with my clients is this--->

Brain Research + The Art  & Science of Love + Biblical insight= Ridiculously Enjoyable Lives.

As a marriage therapist and life coach, I have committed my life to improve the results people are experiencing in all facets of living. I help you:

  • Have better relationships
  • Get things done
  • Stop overconsuming
  • Feel more confident
  • Process Emotions
  • Believe New Things
  • Honor your commitments, values and what's important
  • Get over the past
  • Reach your goals
  • Step into your new identity
  • Feel better

As believers, we understand that pain in life is a result of the fall and only through reconciliation with Christ do we find redemption.

And yet, the Bible does not talk to us about how to cook good meals, lose 25 lbs, build automobiles, write music or restore a broken arm (all of which people pursue in their short lives here on earth).

As we live in physical, spiritual and emotional bodies we navigate life on a spiritual level, but also a mortal level.  

Jesus is always relevant and life is always better when we keep Him at the center. 

Because of God's common grace, He reveals things to us through science and study that contribute to our living. 

These findings make life interesting, beautiful and energizing.

We see reflections of his goodness in art, science and engaging with his creation.

In my industry, I study people. I am always looking for ways to practically apply that knowledge. 

I have gained insight and created tools that help my clients manage their thoughts, process emotions, create action, and get results. 

When you apply what I show you, you will love better and live better. 

I know your life is busy and I am here to help you get results by meeting you right where you are.

My signature program for wives, Three Pillars is made up of these 3 self-paced coaching workshops that will change your life if you let it!

  • The Happy Marriage Mindset
  • The Connection Cure
  • The 6 Week Marriage Makeover

Feel free to look around, or if you are ready to dive in and get to work you can start creating change TODAY.

Considering it Pure Joy,


Available Products

Relationship Bundle

This Bundle Includes The Happy Marriage Mindset, Connection Cure, and The 6 -Week Marriage Makeover. You can self-study and apply at your own pace or go through the 6-week course alongside other women as you participate in discussion and group coaching.  You won't want to miss out on all the bonuses you get with this one!

The 6 Week Marriage Makeover

In the 6 Week Marriage Makeover, I will give you my FAVORITE tool in 20 years as a therapist to look at ANYTHING in your life; I show you what research at The Gottman Institute tells us happy couples are doing, plus so much more!

This course also includes 5 other bonuses, including The 2-month Happiest Wives Printable Daily Journal which includes the exact pages I use every morning to start my day and manage my mind. 

Host Your Happiest Lives Workshop

Are you Interested in an interactive workshop for your women's ministry or friend group?  I can customize and facilitate an experience for you (for women, wives, or couples).  Workshops are offered virtually at this time in a variety of formats.

The Happiest Lives Academy: CURRENTLY CLOSED. JOIN THE 2022 WAIT LIST.

The Academy is now closed. Get on the waitlist for the next group to start 2022 on the right foot!


You and I will be in this together.  

You will want to make sure you reserve your spot in this small cohort where you will receive personalized support.

If you are tired of learning and ready to apply and transform, this is for you!  

Your Five Transformations will be:

  • Get Organized from the Inside Out
  • Leverage Your Emotions
  • Create Calm Conversations
  • Make Decisions
  • Break Strongholds

Mini-course: 4 Things You Must Do To Become The Happiest Wife

It only takes one person to create a happy relationship.  These 4 lessons will get you thinking about how you may be giving away all your power. 

Living in Confidence No Matter What

We live by faith, not fear.  Spend 5 days with me and learn how to walk in confidence regardless of life's situations.

Ask Jill

This is your place to ask your questions. Answers will be posted in The Happiest Wives Closed Facebook Group. 

Individual Coaching- One Hour Session

Interested in getting personalized support so that you can be the person you aspire to be?  I can help you reach your goals, process emotion, create better relationships, get things done, organize your mind and life...and much more.  If you prefer one-on-one support and coaching this is for you. (calls are via zoom).

Clarity + Courage | $19 Monthly Coaching Program

Enrolling now for our first-class opening in June 2021! Clarity +Courage is my monthly coaching program where I give you actual ways to handle actual problems.  Let me help you move from overwhelm and confusion to clarity + courage.  Enrollment will open just a few times each year so don't miss out!

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