This is my place created for YOU. I hope you make it your space too. ❤️

Do you want to improve your relationship and life but are unsure where to start?

Are you seeking a way to create change that won't consume your precious time?

Are you unsure how to get unstuck or make things better?

If you are like me, incorporating your faith is a big deal.  (If you wonder what I believe, I am a preferred counselor with The Focus On The Family Network and agree with their statement of faith.)

The Happiest Lives offers practical tools and techniques to improve your relationships,  confidence, and mental and emotional health.  

I show you how to apply what I teach so that you aren't just consuming information but making real change.

Click the "hamburger" in the top left corner to see what is available! And if you have any questions, I am happy to help.  Email me at

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Available Products


  • Clarity+Courage is my monthly coaching program where I give you actual ways to handle actual problems.  Let me help you move from overwhelm and confusion to Clarity+Courage. 


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Transcripts are available here. 

The Happiest Lives 2 Month Journal (Hard Copy in Mail)

This is a spiral-bound journal that I will send you in the mail. 

Once you have learned My Heart Scan as taught in The 6 Week Marriage Makeover or The Heart Scan Workshop, you can use this journal to implement a simple daily practice of managing your mind and HE💓RT so that you can mind your relationship and  L💓VE your marriage.

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