Join my cost-effective coaching program, Clarity+Courage, where we learn, apply, and grow. This month's concept: How To Have A Happy Life. 

This is my place created for YOU. I hope you make it your space too. ❤️

Do you want to improve your relationship and life but are unsure where to start?

Are you seeking a way to create change that won't consume your precious time?

Are you unsure how to get unstuck or make things better?

If you are like me, incorporating your faith is a big deal.  (If you wonder what I believe, I am a preferred counselor with The Focus On The Family Network and agree with their statement of faith.)

The Happiest Lives offers practical tools and techniques to improve your relationships,  confidence, and mental and emotional health.  

I show you how to apply what I teach so that you aren't just consuming information but making real change.

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Available Products

Clarity + Courage 🕊💪

  • Clarity +Courage is my monthly coaching program where I give you actual ways to handle actual problems.  Let me help you move from overwhelm and confusion to Clarity+Courage. 

Relationship Bundle

This Bundle Includes The Happy Marriage Mindset, Connection Cure, and The 6 -Week Marriage Makeover. You can self-study and apply at your own pace or go through the 6-week course alongside other women as you participate in discussion and group coaching.  You won't want to miss out on all the bonuses you get with this one! Save $32 when you buy all 3 courses as The Relationship Bundle. 

The Happy Marriage Mindset

If you are ready for an uplifting and fresh approach to your relationship, I designed this workshop for you. You will learn a new way of looking at your marriage and create change from the inside out. And the best part is, you can get started today without waiting for your husband's cooperation. 

The Connection Cure

Ever feel like both your desires and expectations have to match up in order to feel connected?  But what if you don't always want the same things? What breaks down connection is our expectations and the view that connection is something someone else gives us. 

The 6 Week Marriage Makeover

In the 6 Week Marriage Makeover, I teach you my FAVORITE tool I have used in my 20 years as a therapist.  It will help you look at ANYTHING in your life and can be foundational in changing how you experience your relationship. I also show you what research at The Gottman Institute tells us happy couples are doing, plus so much more!

This course includes 5 other bonuses, including The 2-month Happiest Wives Printable Daily Journal, the exact pages I use every morning to start my day and manage my mind. 

Though your husband can benefit from these lessons, they are geared toward wives and include 6 Weeks of Group Coaching for women only. 

The 4 Things You Must Do To Become The Happiest Wife (FREE)

It only takes one person to create a happy relationship.  These 4 lessons will get you thinking about how you may be giving away all your power. 

Living in Confidence No Matter What (FREE)

We live by faith, not fear.  Spend five days with me and learn how to walk confidently regardless of life's situations. This course was created in response to Covid-19, but its concepts can be applied to any situation where you are living in uncertainty. 


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