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Living in Confidence No Matter What (FREE)

Living in Confidence No Matter What (FREE)

As a therapist who helps people have better marriages, I understand mindset is everything. It changes how you experience people and situations you can't control.  

I wanted to offer something FREE and EFFECTIVE to all my Christian Wives out there. 

In light of the COVID-19 uncertainty, I want to help you face your fears, process your emotions and find confidence. Not just about your marriage right now, but maybe about your job, your health, or the future of our nation.

However, I do not believe in "powering through," resisting negativity or only thinking good things.

Confidence is not created by:

  • Sticking your head in the sand.
  • It doesn't mean we sugar-coat stinky things.
  • It is not suppressing, denying, or resisting.

Confidence is believing.

It is making peace with the worst-case scenario.

It is using your imagination to create a happy future, not just a future full of pain.

What if, for every 19 minutes we watched the news, we then spent 95 minutes doing something life-giving?

This 95:19  formula is the ratio of 5:1.

For every fearful thought, imagine five faith-filled ones.

I teach my couples and wives the Gottman 5:1 Principle: create five positives for every negative in your relationship. Implementing this principle is how the positive can override the negative.

Confidence during uncertainty is something we create intentionally.   

Confidence requires faith, and faith is not faith without elements of the unknown.

It shows up in what you think, feel and do.

In this workshop, you will learn to separate reality and drama.

I will show you how to process emotion.

I will meet with you where you are and show you how to step into greater peace.   

I will ask you questions.

You will look at your brain.

You will look at your heart.

We will move you to confidence.

Are you ready? Will you join me?

Let's storm the uncertainty with confident faith, making peace with the future. 

6 Modules

START HERE: My Happy Vault & Courses

This brief orientation will give you all the information you need to access and get the most from your course. Included are directions on how to save My Happy Vault as a shortcut on your phone and how to navigate your lessons.

1.Circumstances vs. Drama

There are circumstances in the world and there are your thoughts about them. 

One of these causes us pain and one does not.

Without thoughts, there is no fear.

Circumstances never change God's identity or your identity. In that way, circumstances are neutral.  They do not define our lives. 

2. Your Brain on COVID-19

Did you know that we can handle life without toilet paper, the stock market, jobs, or even wifi?  We know this because other humans lived this way. 

Our thoughts can make us feel crazy. But they don't have to.  You just want to know what you are thinking so your thoughts don't get the best of you. 

3. Processing Emotion

Use this time to learn how your brain produces emotion. Nothing in this world is causing our emotions, rather our thoughts stir up our feelings.  And yet, all our feelings are harmless when we are willing to experience them without indulging or resisting them.  

4. Showing the Way

We can't control the world, but we control how we show up.  During this time of uncertainty do you want to numb out by overconsuming, putting your life on hold or resisting your own fears?  Or do you want to learn more about yourself and engage more with the one who made you? How does God want you to engage with him and your life right now?

5.Confidence & Uncertainty

We are in this together and God is on the throne.  When all other ground is sinking, we have a solid rock on which to stand. Its all going to be okay. 

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