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⭐️ Cultivating A Fiery & Fresh Relationship With Jesus 🤩 Note: Previous month's course is moved to the bottom

Jesus's strength and power are inexhaustible, and He wants to pour that energy into you.

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Coming August 2024: Urges

God's power is bigger than any urge or temptation you might experience.

Master The Talk Table To Invite Better Conversations

Making Space for We, Part One:  If you desire a more life-giving space for your relationship, you definitely want to invest in The Talk Table, a burden-free place where you set your thoughts and feelings and receive others with curiosity and compassion. 

How to Deepen Understanding So You Can Move Past Gridlock

Making Space for We, Part Two:  It is possible to find peace and connection surrounding your different desires without resisting each other’s dreams. Learn how to Deepen Understanding So You Can Move Past Gridlock 

Compromise Like You Love Each Other

Making Space for We, Part Three:  There is you. And there is me. And, together there is WE. When you get married you create a culture that never existed before.  Accepting influence and compromise are essential parts of honoring the WE (YOU+ME). Here I show you how. 

Making Up After A Fight: Slowing Down, Repair Attempts and Moving Forward

Making Space for We, Part Four:  When things go south, as they sometimes will, how do you pause the fight and come back together again? Making repair attempts is essential to moving forward. Talking about what happened without getting back into it is a necessary step in leaving the regrettable incident behind you. 

How To Get Things Done

This month's work is all about how to get it done. I am going to show you how to get results fast. 

2 Step Process for Experiencing Anxiety, Worry & Fear

The Psalms give us a 2 Step Process for experiencing anxiety, worry, and fear. Join me with special guest Becky Harling and learn how to process your emotions and engage with God just like the Psalmists did.  

Desire, Wanting & Having

As a believer, you have all you need; always. And yet, as a human, you will experience feelings of desire and want. What are we supposed to do with that? Do our desires even matter? This month I will take you to a place where the joy of wanting comes to life, even as you have all you need already. 

Other People's Models: Stay In Your Lane So You Can Love Better

If you want to live a happier, more peaceful, and more effective life, you will need to learn the skill of staying out of other people's models.  

When You Are Tired, In A Funk or Ready to Quit

We all experience seasons when it seems we are mentally or emotionally trudging through thick water. These are necessary seasons where the Lord is inviting us to bind our hearts to His.  There is the option of pulling the covers over your head and disconnecting, yet tomorrow always comes. Here I share tips I have used to navigate my feelings of weariness, making sure that I stay connected to my heart and the heart of my Father. 

Stop Being Confused

One of the biggest stealers of our dreams is confusion.  As long as we are confused we don't have to do anything.  The best way to end confusion is to make a decision (stop saying you don't know) and be willing to fail.  

Get Over Your Past

By definition PAST means "no longer existing," and yet so often we get stuck in our thoughts about what happened in the past which steals our joy and peace. This month learn how to leave the past in the past and move into the future. 

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Sometimes it's hard to make the shift from tasks, accomplishing and getting things done, to enjoying life, being present, and having fun.  I am going to show you how to cultivate more fun in your life, even when you are working because, if you aren't having fun, what's the point?

Cultivating Emotional Intimacy

Cultivating emotional intimacy can be fun and exciting, but also hard and a  little bit scary as we risk rejection.  Feeling close to others is harvested over time as we learn to step into knowing and being known, valuing and being valued, and turning toward. 

Discover Your Purpose-Filled Life

Why are you here? How do you decide where to spend your time? What's the point of it all?

This month we explore the purpose of your life. You can be confident that God has a plan for you and find joy as you live a meaningful and God-ordained life.  

Planning Your Personal Spiritual Retreat

Carving out time to be with the one who loves you most and made you is priceless. Asking Him to speak to you,  letting Him explore your heart, and moving your spirit into a place of stillness and worship, can be one of the most satisfying and life-giving ways to pause and rejuvenate. This month, I show you how I planned my retreat and things to anticipate if you are considering one for yourself. 

Supercharge Your Mornings!

This month I show you journaling tools and techniques that will help you organize your mind, inspire your heart and help you tap into your creativity.

I will be using the format of The Happiest Lives Two Month Journal. The printed spiral-bound journal pages make this work more fun; however, the journal is not required to apply this month's lesson. You can use any journal of your choosing with blank journal pages. 

How To Feel

This month, learn my powerful 4-step approach for allowing emotions and discover how your life opens up when you master this skill set.  When we are willing to be present for every emotion we experience the world in a whole new way. 

Discernment & Decisions

Every day we are called to make decisions. Decisions are key to being a human engaged in life. How do we know that we are making the right choices? What we think about our decisions will impact our confidence in our decision-making ability. This month we will look at having discernment and confidently moving forward with your decisions.

Effectively Reroute and Redo Conversations Using The Heart Scan

The Surrendered Self

Learn what it means to depend on God every moment of every day.

How To Get Your Relationship Back On Track

If your relationship isn't quite where you want it to be, let's get it headed in the right direction. 

Thinking About What You Are Thinking About

Change begins with a thought. 

Path To Alive-ness

We are either growing or dying; there is no such thing as stagnant.

Making Everyday Life Productive & Fun

Life is meant to be meaningful and enjoyable. 

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