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Clarity + Courage

Clarity + Courage

Clarity+Courage is my cost-effective monthly coaching program where I give you actual ways to handle actual problems.

Though it's designed for Christian wives, you will learn not just about relationships, but about living life, processing emotions, getting things done...just to name a few lessons. 

Your subscription will auto-renew monthly at just $49

Each month a new class will unlock:

  • You will get practical and inspiring content to make your life better than it was before we met 
  • It won't require you to spend a ton of time or money 
  • You will learn to navigate your relationships, emotions, and thought life
  • You will look at problems from a Christ-centered perspective
  • You will receive actionable lessons each month that you can put to work
  • You will get Live support from Jill and Coach Stephanie


  • A new mini-lesson and idea to help you grow 
  • Thought-provoking worksheets to take the work deeper
  • A live monthly Coaching call 
  • A monthly Worksheet Workshop where you can share with other members and process your worksheets with a coach

The time commitment is 2-3 hours each month and a $49 monthly investment.  

Currently, live calls are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 12 PM CT. 

When you join, you'll  get immediate access to these courses, worksheets, and live call replays found in the C+C library: 

  • Hard Conversations Made Easy
  • 4 Steps To Overcome Overwhelm
  • Believing New Things
  • Master The Talk Table To Invite Better Conversations (Part 1, Making Room for We)
  • Deepen Understanding So You Can Move Past Gridlock (Part 2, Making Room for We)
  • Compromise Like You Love Eachother (Part 3, Making Room for We)

Coming Soon!

  • Make-up After A Fight (Part 4, Making Room for We)
  • Money Mindset

Are you ready to start making some changes?

Clarity + Courage is the solution.

Just $49. Auto renews each month. You can cancel anytime.

 An amazing value. Join today!

13 Modules

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Printable Heart Scan Sheet & Feelings List

October| Compromise Like You Love Each other (Part 3 of the Series: Making Space For We)

Making Space for We, Part Three:  There is you. And there is me. And, together there is WE. When you get married you create a culture that never existed before.  Accepting influence and compromise are essential parts of honoring the WE (YOU+ME). Here I show you how. 

Coming in November|: Making Up After A Fight: Slowing Down, Repair Attempts and Moving Forward (Part 4 of the Series: Making Space For We)

Making Space for We, Part Four:  When things go south, as they sometimes will, how do you pause the fight and come back together again? Making repair attempts is essential to moving forward. Talking about what happened without getting back into it is a necessary step in leaving the regrettable incident behind you. 

May: Hard Conversations Made Easy

June: 4 Steps To Overcome Overwhelm

August: Master The Talk Table To Invite Better Conversations (Part 1 of the Series, Making Space for We|)

Making Space for We, Part One:  If you desire a more life-giving space for your relationship, you definitely want to invest in The Talk Table, a burden-free place where you set your thoughts and feelings and receive others with curiosity and compassion. 

September | How to Deepen Understanding So You Can Move Past Gridlock (Part 2 of the Series: Making Space for We )

Making Space for We, Part Two:  It is possible to find peace and connection surrounding your different desires without resisting each other’s dreams. Learn how to Deepen Understanding So You Can Move Past Gridlock 

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