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The Connection Cure

This is the second workshop in my Three Pillar Program for wives. 

Ever feel like your wants, desires, and expectations have to match up with your husbands to feel connected?  But what if you don't always prefer the same things?

What breaks down connection is our expectations and the view that connection is something someone else gives us. 

You may not always want the same things in your marriage, and that's okay. However,  it's still important to turn toward your partner finding wants that you can share.  The alternative is the thought, "I will deal with this on my own," which begins the cascade of distance, loneliness, and isolation.

The Connection Cure looks at expectations, desires, and turning toward vs. turning away. It is the strategy I teach my clients to examine their Relationship Manuals and where I set things straight about Boundaries. As well I explore the concepts of finding A Want Match.

6 Modules

What Your Heart Desires

We all want better relationships and lives.  But many people can spend a lifetime in want and never experience what they hoped for. They can also spend a lifetime wanting and never enjoy what they already have.  Let's take a look at your desires in light of God's truth. 


A manual is your big book of rules of how others should behave. We believe the world should operate according to our preferences or ideals.   The problem with manuals? They don't serve us, our husband, or our relationship. 


Boundaries are about controlling what you will do or will not do when your husband gets to be who he is and do what he wants. It is never about controlling another person.  Most of our issues are manual issues, but occasionally there may be an issue where a boundary is being violated.  

Emotional Adulthood

Emotional Adults are able to handle situations without unnecessarily escalating them. They look for solutions to problems instead of blaming others. They take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Creating Connection

Connection starts from the inside out.  Believing the relationship is something happening outside of us, only makes us feel disconnected.  Deciding to be the wife who takes ownership and turns toward, honoring  him and yourself, sets you on the path of meaningful and authentic connections.

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