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The Happy Marriage Mindset

What if you could create a happier marriage without the exhausting (and impossible) work of trying to change your husband?

If you want a better relationship with increased peace and joy on the journey, it starts in your mind and heart. By committing 20 minutes a day, you can begin the work of changing how you experience your marriage. 

I have designed a Three Pillar Program that is my framework for creating a happier marriage and life.  The Happy Marriage Mindset is the first of these three self-paced workshops. 

If you run on default negative emotion, you will keep recycling the same relationship until you purposefully do something different.

The Happy Marriage Mindset will:

  • Show you the missing piece (and a simple solution) to your difficult conversations.
  • Direct you how to stop being disappointed in your relationship and start feeling loved and loving.
  • Reveal what happy wives think and do that give them The Happy Edge.  
  • Equip you with my personal 5 Step Process for Resetting your Relationship.

Plus, enjoy all these Bonuses: 

  • Bonus #1: 52 Intriguing + Fun Conversation Starters. A printable PDF so that you can create an opportunity for you and your husband to easily share and hit refresh on your Love Maps.  
  • Bonus #2: 100 Simple Ways to Deepen Your Connection. A printable PDF with suggestions of ways to build rituals of connection, take advantage of the significant mundane moments + ideas for fun date nights.
  • Bonus #3: Quick Recovery Worksheet to Process Failed Bids to Connect. When you make a bid to connect or things don’t go as you hoped, this worksheet can help you hit pause and process through the situation so you can decide how you want to move forward. (Printable PDF)
  • ​Bonus #4: How to Feel More Attracted to Your Husband: This printable PDF worksheet will help you increase feelings of fondness & admiration for your husband. 

6 Modules

🎬START HERE: Your New Course

This brief orientation will give you all the information you need to access and get the most from your course. Included are directions on how to save My Happy Vault as a shortcut on your phone,  how to navigate your lessons, and how to approach this new endeavor.

1: The Missing Piece to Your Difficult Conversations: The Thought Capturing Method

To try and fix your relationship by changing your behaviors will only temporarily bring relief.  The cause of your pain always starts in your mind.  Becoming aware of your driving thoughts, allowing them, and choosing thoughts on purpose, is the foundation for connecting emotionally and for really understanding why you show up in your marriage the way you do.  

2: How to Stop Being Disappointed in Your Relationship

The only way to quit being disappointed in your relationship is to quit thinking your husband should change and instead take 100% for how you are showing up as a wife.

3: The Happy Edge

Why are some people happily married while others aren't? The Happy Edge is the belief that problems are normal, and nothing has gone wrong if you have a "problem."

4. Five Steps To Reset Your Relationship

Learn my 5 Step Process to look at your inner world and reset your relationship.  This process will anchor, orient, and change your actions from default mode to intentionality. 

You will invite the Lord to help you step into accepting what you can't control and start taking responsibility for the four things you can control: your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.


These 4 printables will help you find new ways to engage with your relationship. You must start (you don't have to complete) the actual course before this Bonus Module will unlock). 

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