October 25-29. The Heart Scan Workshop. Register Now. $47

{Time Sensitive} Oct. 25-29 "Test Drive" The Happiest Lives Academy (or Just to learn The Heart Scan)

{Time Sensitive} Oct. 25-29 "Test Drive" The Happiest Lives Academy (or Just to learn The Heart Scan)

SOON 2022 enrollment will open for The Happiest Lives Academy...

AND if you would like to take a test drive and be the first to get in a special offer, join me October 25-29 at The Heart Scan Workshop which will launch enrollment. 

This Workshop will stand alone. 

Even if you don't join the Academy,  these 5 days together will start your process of transformation.   

Click to learn more and register for The Heart Scan Workshop. 

And oh! Here is a sneak peek at the Academy>>>>


IMAGINE....waking up and feeling EXCITED about your life.

You are engaged. 

There is a sense of purpose.  

You have a plan that is aligned with the one who created you.

If you are ready for a fresh new life customized to your personality, calling, and purpose, but lack the support and structure to get there, you are the perfect candidate for The Academy.

Please reserve your spot in my 5-Month Coaching Cohort, The Happiest Lives Academy, which will transform your life from the inside out. 


When you join the Academy:

✔️ We will spend 5 months together diving into the exact steps needed to enjoy a steady, stable, and peace-filled life. 

✔️You’ll have 24/7 access to courses and worksheets that will help you examine your mind, process your emotions, and create new results. 

.✔️You will be part of a group of spirit-filled women who may even turn into your best friends.

✔️You will have daily access to coaching with Jill so that you will NEVER stay stuck or not know what to do. 

✔️You will have a framework to implement the transformations each month.


The Academy mentorship program provides a comprehensive mind, emotion, and results-driven opportunity for wives. 

In The Academy,  you will craft a  strategy and plan for managing your inner world that will withstand the test of time. 

Each month you will be focused on ONE TRANSFORMATION. 


  • Get Organized from the Inside Out: We will launch this program with something very tangible.  This month, you will organize new spaces in your home each week while learning about managing your mind.

  • Leverage Your Emotions:  This month is all about feelings.  You will identify 3 specific emotions in your life that you want to create more of and 3 specific emotions you want to experience less. I will show you how I process emotions and why all emotions can be part of a balanced life. 

  • Make Powerful Decisions:  Making decisions is one of the most empowering things you can do.  This month you will identify something you need to decide about and apply my tools to make the decision and then have your own back. 

  • Create Calm Conversations: This month, you will learn how to disagree, apologize, speak the truth in love, and share authentically. You will pick one conversation you have wanted to have and practice these skills.

  • Break Strongholds:  For our last month, you will identify something that has a stronghold in your life and what it looks like to release it.  A stronghold is anything you spend too much time thinking about, and it creates a net negative consequence for you. When you apply my steps, you will reroute your energy in this area.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls

LIVE Weekly Worksheet Workshops

Monthly 1:1 Personal Coaching Calls

Access to a private SLACK channel where you can receive DAILY personalized Feedback on your Heart Scans, ask Jill any questions,  and share in being part of a supportive community of other Christian women. 

The Academy Curriculum (online lessons through printable written format + video)

Monthly Workbooks in the mail  (digital copies available for international students).


You will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a  bonus course on The Heart Scan, a tool that will help you process your emotions and manage your mind. 

This course will give you complete instructions for utilizing my FAVORITE tool in 20 years as a therapist. 

If you have worked with me before, you will appreciate this refresher course;  and, if you aren't familiar with The Heart Scan, get ready to gain immediate insight into any problem you face..

In the Academy, you get to decide how much you want to participate. 

You can make the application on your own and watch the replays, or you can jump in and get coached each week.

You decide. 

If you are tired of just consuming information and thinking, “one day, I will…” the Academy is the place to have someone hold your hand.

If you have been doing therapy for years and just aren't getting the results fast enough, we are going to go all-in for 5 months and create change.

If you feel alone in your journey and are ready for a small supportive community, this is it. 

I can't do the work for you; however, I  will do everything I can to ensure your success.

I promise to bring the support, structure,  mentorship, and FUN if you bring an open and willing heart. 

It's time to create change.

It's time to make your life simple + amazing.

YES, this will be work; however...

When we find fun in the work, the job is suddenly a game. 

Let's step into your meaningful, stable, and joy-filled life.

I have got you. 

2 Modules

START HERE: Links & How To Participate

This orientation will give you all the information you need to make the most of your time in The Academy. Included is an overview of where to connect with other participants, what to expect from LIVE calls, how to navigate your lessons, and how to use your monthly workbook.

Modules for this product 2
Take A Test Drive: Join The 5 Day Workshop

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