Join my cost-effective coaching program, Clarity+Courage, where we learn, apply, and grow. This month's concept: How To Have A Happy Life. 

The Happiest Lives Academy Class of 2022

You and I will be in this together.  

You will want to make sure you reserve your spot in this small cohort where you will receive personalized support.

If you are tired of learning and ready to apply and transform, this is for you!  

Your Five Transformations will be:

  • Get Organized from the Inside Out
  • Leverage Your Emotions
  • Create Calm Conversations
  • Make Decisions
  • Break Strongholds 

8 Modules

START HERE: Links & How To Participate (includes printable calendar + call links)

This orientation will give you all the information you need to make the most of your time in The Academy. Included is an overview of where to connect with other participants, what to expect from LIVE calls, how to navigate your lessons, and how to use your monthly workbook.

Transformation 2: Leverage Your Emotions

This month I will show you how to process emotions and why all emotions can be part of a balanced life.  We will pick three emotions to create more of in your life and three emotions to allow without indulging or resisting. 

Transformation 4: Create Calm Conversations

This month you will learn how to disagree, apologize, speak the truth in love, and share in a way that is authentic.  You will pick one conversation to practice what you have learned. 

My Letter to You, VIP, And A Shameless Bribe

This is where we wrap up our five months together of transformations by looking ahead. Stephanie and I are still here and will continue to sharpen, nurture, and encourage you on your journey if you choose to come with us.

Modules for this product 8

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