Join my cost-effective coaching program, Clarity+Courage, where we learn, apply, and grow. This month's concept: How To Have A Happy Life. 

Relationship Bundle

What if you could create a happier marriage without the exhausting (and impossible) work of trying to change your husband?

If you want a better relationship with increased peace and joy on the journey, it starts in your mind and heart. By committing 20 minutes a day, you can begin the work of changing how you experience your marriage. 

My Three Pillar Program consists of short written and video lessons with questions so you can take this learning and apply it.  I give you the framework and tools to break your own mold, rerouting your energy in a life-giving way.  

The Relationship Bundle includes the following courses (also available for individual purchase):

 The Happy Marriage Mindset
 Connection Cure
The Six-Week Marriage Makeover

+ 6 weeks of LIVE coaching 
+ Nine more bonuses are listed below!  

Pillar One -The Happy Marriage Mindset will:

* Show you the missing piece (and a simple solution) to your difficult conversations.
*Direct you on how to stop being disappointed in your relationship and start feeling loved and loving.
* Reveal what happy wives think and do that give them The Happy Edge.  
*Equip you with my personal 5-Step Process for Resetting your Relationship.

Pillar Two - The Connection Cure will: 

Look at expectations, desires, and turning toward vs. turning away. You will examine your Relationship Manuals and learn what to do with them.   I  will set things straight about Boundaries and explore the concepts of finding A Want Match.

You may not always want the same things in your marriage, and that's okay. However, it's still important to turn toward your partner, finding wants that you can share. The alternative is the thought, "I will deal with this on my own," which begins the cascade of distance, loneliness, and isolation.

Pillar 3- The 6-Week Marriage Makeover will:

Teach you the Heart Scan, the most powerful and life-changing tool I have used in my 20 years as a therapist.

THE HEART SCAN is a comprehensive + straightforward + easy to use tool that gives you insight into ANY problem you may experience.  If you want to change what’s happening, then the tool shows you how. Just plugin and create your before and after; the Scan will show you the work you need to do.

In the 6 Week Marriage Makeover, we take The Flesh vs. Spirit Paradigm and consider why  "do I do what I don't want to do?".  We explore how to abide in LOVE stepping into who you ALREADY ARE, not letting unwanted actions define you as a wife. 

You will learn 3 Strategies to Believe New Things about yourself, your husband, and your marriage, overcoming beliefs that no longer serve you and are keeping you stuck. 

We will look at three ways people typically handle emotion,  and which method will reduce emotional flooding, allowing you to stay connected and experience your feelings without being reactive.

As well, I introduce you to Gottman’s Art & Science of Love.  (The Gottman Institute is world-renowned for its research on LOVE & Relationships, and as a Gottman Certified Therapist, I bring that knowledge to you.)

In the makeover, you will look at your life as part of a greater whole. When we align our heart with the Lord and genuinely seek to please Him, we do not become trapped in the cycle of self vs. pleasing others. 

In addition to The three courses, you can access 6-Weeks of Group Coaching.  A series of six coaching sessions are offered three times a year, and you can sign up when you are ready inside The Vault.  

Besides all that, you get these bonuses:

BONUS #1  The Happiest Wives Journal: This attractive 2-month printable journal will help you implement a simple daily practice of managing your mind and HE💓RT so that you can mind your relationship and  L💓VE your marriage.

60 Thought Capturing Sheets
60 Heart Scan Template 
60 Daily Scripture Prayer Pages
60 Idea & Dream Download Pages
60 Quick-Day Planning Sheets
60 Idea & Dream Download Pages

BONUS #2 CHECK Your Spirit Activator: A printable ingredient list for creating CLOSENESS. Discover the 5 Feelings you must bring into your marriage along with suggested Thoughts to develop them. 

BONUS #3 Quiz: Debate or Discovery? Take this online quiz to examine the thoughts driving your conversations.  Are your discussions prompted by the need to win/”be right” OR to deepen understanding / connect? 

BONUS #4 “Responsible TO” vs. “Responsible FOR” Printable Checklist:   Do you take responsibility FOR others, or are you responsible TO them?  This survey will help you see the different results created by these very different approaches, learn how your beliefs are shaping your interactions, and if those interactions are serving you and others best. 

BONUS #5 Biblical Approach for Responding to Your Husband’s Sin:  Sin is not a popular word these days, but this tiny course looks at God’s Word (not mine!)  as the authority on godly and upright living and how we should respond when ANYONE sins against us.

Bonus #6: 52 Intriguing + Fun Conversation Starters:  A printable PDF  creates an opportunity for you and your husband to share and hit refresh on your Love Maps easily.  

Bonus #7: 100 Simple Ways to Deepen Your Connection: A printable PDF with suggestions of ways to build rituals of connection, take advantage of the significant mundane moments + ideas for fun date nights.

Bonus #8: Quick Recovery Worksheet to Process Failed Bids to Connect: When you make a bid to connect or things don’t go as you hoped, this worksheet can help you hit pause and process through the situation so you can decide how you want to move forward. (Printable PDF)

​Bonus #9: How to Feel More Attracted to Your Husband: This printable PDF worksheet will help you increase feelings of fondness & admiration for your husband. 

So all of that being said...aren't you ready for something different?  What is the alternative?  Continuing as is?  Why not give your relationship a FRESH try?

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