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Host Your Happiest Lives Workshop

Host Your Happiest Lives Workshop

Are you Interested in an interactive workshop for your women's ministry or friend group?  I can customize an experience for you (women, wives or couples).  Workshops are offered virtually at this time in a variety of formats.

My happy place is in facilitating workshops that include teaching, coaching, and interacting with the audience to apply concepts.

I have facilitated groups of friends in living rooms, as well as groups for churches or women's ministries (picture hundreds of women sitting around tables with coffee, scones, and workbooks). 

It is super fun for women to do a structured, yet interactive workshop. The format provides an opportunity to connect in a purpose-driven way.

During this season of COVID,  I have not stopped having fun nor stopped encouraging women. Though we may or may not sit in a room together, we can still have a powerful interactive group. 

Ladies are open to connecting in new ways online, and the virtual format opens up various ways of structuring the time. 

I offer something different than your traditional speaking event, as I create an intimate, fun, and interactive atmosphere.

But this isn't cotton candy kind of fun. It is deep, authentic, and full of richness,  as ladies learn new concepts and applications, always centered around Biblical truths. 

Depending on the audience you want to serve (wives, women in general or couples), I offer: 

  • The Happiest Wives Workshop 
  • The Happiest Lives Workshop
  • The Happiest Couples Workshop

Workshops are fully customizable. For instance, if you opt to do The Happiest Wives Workshop, Jill can use the format of The 6 Week Marriage Makeover, stretching your event to one hour sessions over 6 Weeks with organized personal study and application offered in between.

More general events for women include:

Finding Joy in Your Relationship with Jesus, Others & Yourself:  It's so easy to think if others behaved how we wanted, or if circumstances were just right, THEN we would be happy. But this isn't true. When we quit trying to control others, examine our own hearts, and turn toward the Lord, we find joy no matter what. 

Fill out the form, and Jill will be in touch to discuss what you are looking for. 

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