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The 6 Week Marriage Makeover

Purchase here or as part of The Relationship BundleThis course includes six weeks of live bonus group coaching.

Sign up for coaching within The 6WMM course (offered a few times each year). 

The 6 Week Marriage Makeover gives you the most powerful and life-changing tool I have used in my 20 years as a professional.

I teach you my signature framework, The Heart Scan,  plus so much more! 

  • THE HEART SCAN is a comprehensive + straightforward, + easy to use tool that allows you to process ANY situation in your marriage (or life) to understand what is going on. And if you want to change what's happening, the tool shows you how. Just plugin and create your before and after; the Scan will show you the work you need to do.
  • The 6 Week Marriage Makeover will introduce you to Gottman's Art & Science of Love.
    • The Gottman Institute is world-renowned for its research on LOVE & Relationships, and as a Gottman Certified Therapist, I bring that knowledge to you.
    • Discover what happy couples are doing to build friendship, deal with conflict & create shared meaning
    • Expose the 4 Predictors of Divorce & their Antidotes
    • Turn Toward, Make Repair Attempts, Soften Startup, Build Love Maps, Increase Fondness & Admiration, Let Your Partner Influence You, Overcome Gridlock
  • Learn 3 strategies to believe new things about yourself, your husband, and your marriage, overcoming beliefs that no longer serve you and are keeping you stuck. 
  • Discover 3 ways to process emotions, and which method will help you reduce emotional flooding, allowing you to stay connected and experience your feelings without being reactive.
  • In the 6 Week Marriage Makeover, we take The Flesh vs. Spirit Paradigm and explore how to abide in LOVE stepping into who you ALREADY ARE, not letting unwanted actions define you as a wife.
  • You will define who that woman is you want to be. What does she value? What is her reservoir? How does she show up?

In addition to The 6 Week Marriage Makeover course, you will get these FIVE BONUSES:

BONUS #1  The Happiest Wives Journal: This attractive 2-month printable journal will help you implement a simple daily practice of managing your mind and HE💓RT so that you can mind your relationship and  L💓VE your marriage.

    • 60 Thought Capturing Sheets
    • 60 Heart Scan Template 
    • 60 Daily Scripture Prayer Pages
    • 60 Idea & Dream Download Pages
    • 60 Quick-Day Planning Sheets
    • 60 Idea & Dream Download Pages

BONUS #2 CHECK Your Spirit Activator: A printable ingredient list for creating CLOSENESS. Discover the 5 Feelings you must bring into your marriage and suggested thoughts to develop them. 

BONUS #3 Quiz: Debate or Discovery? Take this online quiz to examine the thoughts driving your conversations. Are your discussions prompted by the need to win/" be right" or deepen understanding / connect? 

BONUS #4 "Responsible TO" vs. "Responsible FOR" Printable Checklist:   Do you take responsibility FOR others, or are you responsible TO them? This survey will help you see the different results created by these very different approaches, learn how your beliefs shape your interactions, and if those interactions serve you and others best. 

BONUS #5 Biblical Approach for Responding to Your Husband's Sin:  Sin is not a popular word these days, but this tiny course looks at God's Word (not mine!)  as the authority on godly and upright living and how we should respond when ANYONE sins against us.

Plus 6 Weeks of Group Coaching with me (sign up for a group at your convenience).

Look what some of my past participants had to say:

"I am so glad that I participated in the 6-week marriage makeover with Jill! I am so much more empowered in my relationship with my husband. He has never been willing to engage in counseling, or even discussion about our marriage, outside of arguments. I thought that if he didn't change, there was very little more I could change to improve our 25-year marriage- that what we have is what I can expect for the rest of my life. Happily, I was wrong! I'm so excited about the changes that have already occurred and know it's only the beginning. Thank you, Jill!" - Angela Mager, Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019

"I have been married 49 years and hope never to stop learning how to be a better and happier wife. The tools in the workshop are invaluable and can be used in areas of life besides your marriage relationship. As I am happier, my husband is also. We get along better, and I have more respect for him as an individual who is free to make his own choices. He IS a good-hearted man! I am reminded to keep that in mind as we deal with life's stresses." -  Kathy Hurley, Participant The 6 Week Marriage Makeover May 2019

"I highly recommend the 6 Week Marriage Makeover if you need a reset in your marriage. Jill has a way of using visuals and fun stories to teach the topic of the week in her videos that I'll remember forever." - Tracy Hoth, Participant The 6 Week Marriage Makeover, May 2019

11 Modules

START HERE: My Happy Vault & Your New Course

This brief orientation will give you all the information you need to access and get the most from your course. Included are directions on how to save My Happy Vault as a shortcut on your phone and how to navigate your lessons.

Last Chance to sign up for FREE 6 Week Coaching Group!

As part of the 6 Week Marriage Makeover, you can participate in 6 LIVE Coaching Calls. The last group offered will be 8/16-9/20. 

Module 1: The Real Reason You Are Unhappy in Your Relationship

  • GOOD news! (it’s not because of your husband)
  • The Heart Scan:  Take Your Brain Out of the Box
  • How to Change Your Results

Module 2: Your Thoughts Matter

There are circumstances in the world, and then there are our thoughts about them. It is very easy to mix up the two, treating our thoughts as though they are facts, rather than optional.

Module 3: Your Feelings Matter

  • Emotional Flooding and Your Relationship
  • Emotions Fuel Your Actions and Inaction
  • Three Ways to Process Emotion

Module 4: Flesh vs. Spirit & The River of Misery

These two paradigms exist side by side: Flesh and Spirit. 

The flesh is not who we are.  Sin is not who we are.  

The Spirit is our new identity.  

You get to choose which one you will nurture. 

Which one will you starve? Which one will you feed?

One of them will dominate your days. 

Module 5: What Happy Couples are Doing

Here is a very brief overview of the findings on what 40 years of research shows us about relationships. 

Module 6: Power, Love & A Sound Marriage

  • You are Part of a Greater Whole.
  • People-pleasing vs. Honoring Others
  • The Woman and Wife you were Designed To Be


Here you will find your bonus material, including: 

BONUS #1  The Happiest Wives Journal (Lesson File Printable) 

BONUS #2 CHECK Your Spirit Activator (Lesson File Printable)

BONUS #3 Quiz: Debate, Drama, Detach, or Discover? (link below)

BONUS #4 “Responsible TO” vs. “Responsible FOR” (Lesson File Printable)

BONUS 5: Biblical Approach for Responding to Your Husband’s Sin

How do we show up when we believe our husband is doing wrong according to God's standards? Do we confront him? Do we sit silent? Do we leave?

BONUS VIDEOS from The 6 Week Marriage Makeover 1.0

These are the videos from my Original Coaching Workshop:  The 6 Week Marriage Makeover (version 1.0).

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